Strategic Communication and Public Relations Expert

Assoc. Prof. Denisa Hejlová, Ph.D., Charles University in Prague, is a Czech Scientist and Communication Consultant. Denisa studied Media Studies at Charles University and Intercultural Communication at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Columbia University in New York, School of International and Public Affairs (2014).

Since 2011, Denisa has served as the Head of the Department of Marketing Communication and Public Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. In 2020 she started the first Czech MA Course in Strategic Communication.

Together with her students, Denisa co-founded a well-established and highly successful online magazine, which is voluntarily run by the students. Today, it is one of the most followed independent media focusing on marketing communication.

Denisa has been also co-organizing the American-Czech Summer School of Marketing with advertising expert Sandy Kornberg from the University of Missouri and McCann Erickson in Prague. 

Denisa often gives an expert opinion on marketing communication, public relations, political or government communication. Besides her academic career, Denisa has been a sought-after communication consultant and expert. She consults companies, state organizations as well as NGOs.

In 2017, Denisa was awarded a Long-life achievement award for cultivating and developing public relations in the Czech Republic by the Czech Association of Public Relations. She’s a member of EUPRERA and a national research collaborator in European Communication Monitor, a world-largest transnational research in strategic communication and public relations. Denisa has authored two books on public relations and publishes regularly in academic literature and journals.

Projects and thematic focus


Selected publications 

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MILLAR, Carla C. J. M. and HEJLOVA, Denisa. „Public Affairs in CEE: On the way to transparency?“ Paper presented at the International Political Marketing Conference, Stockholm, September 2013. Available online. Public Affairs in CEE_Millar_Hejlova