Strategic Communication and Public Relations Expert

Denisa HEJLOVA has a long-term both academic and practical interest in the Public Relations. She’s a member of EUPRERA, European Research and Education Association, and a Czech national coordinator if the biggest European research on PR, the Communication Monitor.
In 2014, Denisa published a first research on the history of Czech PR in a book edited by renowned professor and PR history expert Tom WATSON, in Palgrave publishing house. Previously, she has also published an overview of the Czech PR market for the international academic and professional audience (by Peter Lang publishers).

Some of Denisa’s publications on PR:

HEJLOVA, Denisa. The Czech Republic. In: Watson, Tom (ed.). Eastern European Perspectives on Development of Public Relations: Other Voices. P. 25-40. London: Palgrave. 2014. ISBN 9781137404268
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KASL KOLLMANNOVÁ, Denisa. “The Role and Function of Public Relations in the Czech Republic.” In: Okay, A. – Carayol, V. – Tench, R.: Researching the Changing Profession of Public Relations. Brussels: P.I.E. Peter Lang. 2013. ISBN 987-90-5201-877-5. P. 91-109