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Media Talks, Charles University, 2015, Photo credit:

Media Talks, Charles University, 2015, Photo credit:

Presidential elections comments: Debate Commentary at Lidové noviny,  President’s message Commentary at Lidové noviny, TV debates Commentary at Lidové noviny, The rise of populist parties debate at Český rozhlas,  Presidential debate Commentary at Česká televize, etc.

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Expert opinion: Panel discussion Political Public Relations Rozpravy o českých médiích (Czech media talkshow), 26/03/2015, Charles University in Prague, Český rozhlas report, Video archive

Denisa is a proud co-founder and expert supervisor to the biggest Czech server on marketing communication and PR, which is run only by students of Marc-Comm and PR department at the Charles University in Prague.
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Anti-smoking Campaign

In 2012, Denisa Hejlova together with a group of Charles University students (namely Sabina Bergerova and Miroslav Slíž) and executives from leading Czech market and public opinion research agency, IPSOS, started a long-term PR and advocacy campaign to ban smoking in the restaurants.

The aim of this campaign was a paradigm shift in media framing of smoking in restaurants, which has been perceived as a legitimate right of the smokers and restaurant owners, and as a symbol of freedom.

Under Denisa’s supervision, the students launched a biggest national representative survey executed by IPSOS (pro bono), asking more than eight thousands respondents, and presented the results at a press conference together with IPSOS CEO, Radek Jaluvka, and IPSOS manager, Tatiana Wartuschova. The results were impressive: 78 % of the population was supporting the total ban of smoking in restaurants.

The exact numbers changed the media framing and turned the whole public debate about the freedom to smoke into a freedom to access fresh air. The results were cited in hundreds of media articles and headline news.

The campaign “The Paradigm Shift: Czechs want to ban smoking in restaurants” has won 2 prestigious Czech PR Awards in 2013 and got the “Miroslav Petrusek Prize” for representing the Charles University in 2014.
Antismoking campaign